My Generation: Senior Citizens in Gen Y Streetwear


Photographer Linda Dajana Krüger aka Dai Lyn Power has given us an interesting glimpse into what could be our not-so-distant futures.

Inspired by photos of her aunt’s teenage years in the 1960’s, the photographer tried to imagine how Gen Y would look, street wear and all, in a few decades time. Her predictions were realised in a hip photo-series for VICE Germany entitled My Generation.

To put the collection together, Krüger visited a German retirement home and recruited some grey-haired models.  She then styled them in clothing and accessories belonging to her and her friends.

The seniors were dressed-up (or dressed-down) in denim jackets, beanies, horn-rimmed glasses and gold blingage.

Naturally, electronic accessories such as the Macbook and the iPhone were included, to give the models a more authentic look.

Krüger said her models really enjoyed the  photo-shoot process and were most excited about being pictured with an iPhone for the first time in their lives.

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Images via: LindaKrüger

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