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Since the release of No Pads, No Helments…Just Balls in 2002, containing just a few of our favourite singles, I’m Just a Kid, I’d Do Anything, Addicted and how could we forget Perfect?! Simple Plan are not slowing down juuuuuuust yet!

If you’ve forgotten, let me refresh your memory… Back in December 2011, we were the first country in the world (yes, in the entire world) to release Summer Paradise off the Get Your Heart On! album as a single, AND have had the music video shot entirely in Australia. So, in celebration of their highly anticipated fifth studio album, Taking One For The Team, drummer Chuck Comeau generously fills us in on the making of their brand spankin’ new record and what the band has been up to in the last five years…

” We put out the last record and we went out on tour right away! We pretty much toured for 2 and a half years all over the world, playing in 60 countries, came to Australia 3 times and did 2 of our headlining tours. We took a little break and after 6 months to a year, we would have been ready to go back into the studio and back onto the road, but this record took longer than we expected. We pushed ourselves. We wrote over 80 songs. It came from our desire to make something that would be really special, to be something we would consider our best album yet.”

After all these years, the guys have proven that punk isn’t dead! And not only that, they’ve definitely proven that they can just about play any type of music, especially in this newest album.

“There’s nothing wrong with embracing who we are and just kind of staying true to our style and what we’ve built. A lot of the songs on the album have crazy, really fun energy, up-tempo, super catchy and lots of guitars and drums. There’s a lot of the Simple Plan sound from our 1st and 2nd record but there’s also things we’ve never tried before. There’s a song called “I Dream About You”, which is a lot darker and kind of a little bit creepy and different. The one thing for us was to not lose who we are and it was important to go back to our roots. The song “Opinion Overload” is going to be really badass – the crowd will have a really great reaction and go crazy for that one – it’s going to be really fun! – I’m stoked! ”

Trying to figure out what Simple Plan is supposed to be in the year 2016, Comeau says that even though it was a long record to make, he’s really happy with how it came out and it’s something that he’s really proud of.

”I wouldn’t change anything about it. I think taking all that time is probably all the reason why we ended up with a record that was so cleaned up.”

Taking One For The Team’s leading single, I Don’t Wanna Go To Bed feat. Nelly has got to be one of the catchiest and their most pop type song. Comeau explained the song to be the most different sounding track that they’ve ever done.

“We think it’s kind of boring to put out 12 or 14 songs that all sound the same.”

He also went on to explain how much of an experience it was to work alongside Nelly…

“It was awesome! We grew up with being fans of him and he came out around the same times as us, so it was really cool to work with him. He’s a rapper but his rap and his style is mostly singing so it really works well with our song and our type of melody. It was really cool to be in the studio with him, to see his process and how he looks at music, how he thinks and how he works. It was really cool to be there and be apart of it. And with the video, the thing with Nelly is that he’s not the most punctual person I’ve ever met. It was a daylight type of shoot and he literally arrived about twenty minutes before sunset and we were all freaking out. But he came in and he was like “let’s do it!” and he killed it!!”

Not only did Nelly get to feature in the clip, but so did the famous Hoff

Chuck and The Hoff

“He invited us to the house and we showed up and it was kind of wild – you walk in and he has all these posters of himself with Rider and Baywatch clothes and all that memorabilia. It was awesome! He really is the whole persona and he was a very, very nice guy! We called up his management and said, “hey, we have this idea, would David be into it?” David loved it and he has a great sense of humour and that’s part of why he’s still around and he’s still doing all of these things – he knows how to laugh at himself and have a good time – I think the clip came out great and he’s funny in it.”

Kicking off their Taking One For The Team World Tour in Canada and then tackling the UK, France, Germany, Czech Republic, the band will also perform over in Japan. With no Australian tour dates announced just yet, Comeau has given us Aussie fans some hope…

“It’s definitely going to be busy; we’re going to be touring all year. I can’t wait to have this record out and play the new songs for all the fans. Australia is one of our favourite place to play and I know it sounds like I’m just saying that but it’s really true. We love playing there. We’re definitely coming back! We don’t have an official date but we’re talking it out with our promoter over there, so we’ll definitely be back for sure!”

17 years of pure goodness music, Simple Plan are continuing to take the world by storm. Their love for their fans and the fans love for them have inspired the band.

“There’s nothing better for a band, for when you work so hard for something and finally start to put it out and have people hear it and the good reaction is the best thing!”

With their long-awaited kickass fifth studio album, Taking One For The Team will be out very, very soon – On the 19th of February to be exact!

You can also catch Simple Plan on their European tour later in the year – Keep posted for tour dates.

Simple Plan

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