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Taking some time away from pre-production for their third record release, Valentino Artega, drummer for Californian metalcore outfit Of Mice & Men opened up to us recently regarding their new album and his second Australian tour for 2013.

With their tour just around the corner, splitting the bill with metal heavyweights Bring Me The Horizon and Japanese export Crossfaith, Australia is set for a treat this month. It’s not often that you hear of acts who have toured the country once previously, then return twice in one year, but it seems the OM&M explosion has moved to Australian shores and fans just can’t get enough following their performances at Soundwave earlier in the year.

However it seems it was not just the fans that loved having them down under; the band found themselves enjoying being around such iconic acts just as much as the punters.

“Soundwave was an amazing tour to be a part of. It was an awesome experience to be around such talented musicians and great bands that we have looked up to for such a long time – Linkin Park, friggen Metallica, Blink 182, and being able to share a tour with bands like that was awesome.” Says Artega.

“On top of that, it gave us the opportunity to really see our fan-base after our first time out there with The Amity Affliction“ [in 2011 as part of Destroy Music].

Something that will also work in their favour, is the fact that tour mates Bring Me The Horizon are no strangers to Australian shores; proving themselves as very worthy tour guides of our country.

“We saw Bring Me The Horizon do a lot of cool stuff during Soundwave so I think we are going to bug them and ask them to take us shark diving and to do all that kind of stuff. We were a little too busy last time, but we would love to take advantage of that.”

To accompany the upcoming tour this month, the boys have taken some time off their busy touring regime to put all focus on recording an album that will incorporate the old with the new. As Valentino explains, the band were able to take their time in recording their upcoming release, following their sophomore album, The Flood which was released in 2011; and later re-released with additional tracks on 2012’s deluxe re-issue.

“It’s nice to be able to take the time out and focus our sound on what we want to do, and the messages we have put out in the past, continuing to remain true. I feel like our fans pretty much know what to expect from us – they have heard us at our early years, at our most melodic period and then now we can put them all together in the new Of Mice & Men album.”

Considering Australia will be the first country to see the band since officially finishing the album, the chances of Australian fans being among the first to hear new material live are very high. In addition, their current producer, David Bendeth is responsible for successful releases from artists to the likes of Taking Back Sunday, Paramore, A Day To Remember and All Time Low to name a few; so fans will have a lot to look forward to.

“We’re constantly writing on the road and refining the ideas that we have. We are really excited to see what he can bring out because everything you have heard and everything in our back catalogue will still be there in our music with the new album, but this time around we actually have the time to fine tune and structure the way we want it.

“Our other albums were recorded pretty quickly, and unfortunately that was due to our touring schedule. We wanted to give ourselves some time and we had already started writing alternate material back before we came over for Soundwave. Now all of that stuff is being put into demos and pre-production and the whole process of the album is really starting to take shape.”

Of Mice & Men kick off their Australian tour with Bring Me The Horizon and Crossfaith this week. Tickets are still available via Oztix, Ticketmaster and Venuetix.

Be sure to keep up to date with news and updates from the band regarding their new album on their Twitter and Facebook page.

 Image Source: Adam Elmakias


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