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When you hear ‘JEDWARD’, you most likely think of hair that stands on end, strong Irish accents and wearing popcorn to perform on Eurovision. You’d be right to think it, but you’d be missing out on the complex, talented powerhouse-in-the-making that are John and Edward Grimes.

The 22-year-old twins who hail from Dublin have taken Australia by storm this week. It’s their first trip and they couldn’t be more stoked to be here. The misconception seems to be that all JEDWARD fans are the rare tween girls who bypassed Bieber Fever. Edward assures us that this is not the case.

“We cater to all ages,” he laughs, “Right up to people in their thirties! We’re a band for anyone who wants to have a good time. It’s what we represent, we’re fighters and we put ourselves out there to do our thing and live our dream.

There is something typical of all JEDWARD fans, though..

“They’re either go-getters or people who’re going through hard times. I think it’s great that we can go out there and be leaders – kids at school who’re being bullied can look up to us because we’re out of the ordinary.”

John and Edward preach a healthy lifestyle, and they choose not to drink or smoke – but like all young lads, they certainly have their vices.

“Concerts! We’d watch Justin Timberlake and we wanted to be able to do that, to feel that adrenaline rush. We’ve always wanted people knowing the words to our songs and singing along. It’s an unbelievable feeling.”


Having been voted more popular than the Beatles, it’s safe to say that fans will be screaming the boys’ original songs back at them for many years to come. JEDWARD spoke at length about the benefits of pop music and why it deserves way more credit than it gets, particularly in Australia. When asked what they would say to music snobs, Edward replied without hesitation,

“Well we were hanging out with The Killers and their guitarist thinks we rock!”

Such confidence cannot be faulted, particularly from two previously unknown kids who catapulted themselves to fame at the age of eighteen. JEDWARD truly believe in their musical ability, and more importantly their longevity.

“Pop music is always changing, it’s not like we’re bubblegum pop – the great thing about it is that we’re in complete control of our music and our destiny; and that’s really because we do make pop.

We can make guitar tracks if we want, and we do. It’s not manufactured pop – the better the artist is the more involved they get in their process.”

The artistic process is something JEDWARD take very seriously. Having worked hard to shed the XFactor image they acquired in 2009; when your first foray into the forefront is so controversial, it haunt an entire career. John and Edward have gone about it the right way, though – rather than partying hard and trying to ‘grow up’ by presenting a rebellious image, they throw everything they have into their music. Log onto their YouTube page and you’re hit with over 500 original videos, most of which feature the boys singing and playing acoustic guitar.

JEDWARD have big plans for themselves and their careers. In five years, John and Edward see themselves making deeply meaningful music, and being seen more as a serious band than a pop duo who started out on reality television.

“We want to write empowering and deep lyrics. The rest of the world is totally excited for JEDWARD!”


The boys are truly grateful for every moment of their success, every performance they’ve given throughout their career, and that includes Eurovision. No amount of goading will convince John or Edward to say a single negative thing about the continent-wide competition, preferring to talk about the friends they made during their Eurovision journeys and reminding their fans how incredible it is to have people in the audiences singing along. The cheekiest statement isn’t cheeky at all – “Yes, there are some colourful characters”, concedes Edward… But you can tell he means that as a compliment.


JEDWARD practice true musical authenticity. Part of this is ensuring that they always sing live – something their own pop idols in the 90s occasionally fell short of.

“I think it’s very important – it’s more emotional and meaningful to the audience. People don’t want to hear the same recorded track, they want something new and different, something individual to them that is special even when they’re listening to the record at home.”

There’s a lot to be said about JEDWARD, but you can’t fault them; they put on a truly amazing live show.

Usually, when asked what note they’d like to end on, musicians want to ask people to come to their shows, encourage people to ‘rock out’ or get in one final quote they’d like to see in print. JEDWARD chose to thank their Australian fans, stress how grateful they are to visit us over here, and promise that they’ll be back with more shows as soon as they can. Bless.

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JEDWARD Australian Tour
Regal Theatre, Perth - Saturday November 23, 2013
The Palais Theatre, Melbourne - Saturday November 30, 2013
The Enmore Theatre, Sydney - Sunday December 1, 2013


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    This is such a sweet interview! Thank you very much for being able to capture John and Edward’s personality so well :)

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