Angus (El Gusto), one half of the award-winning electronic duo, Hermitude is gearing up alongside his long time mate and music partner, Luke Dubber (Luke Dubs) to do what they love doing best. Performing in front of thousands of festivalgoers, the boys are heading up to Phillip Island for the New Years Festival, Beyond The Valley. Last week, XXIV had the pleasure of interviewing Angus to chat about all things music and a potential album release.

Hermitude propelled into the spotlight upon the release of their summer anthem, HyperParadise, which charted in the Australian Top 40 and landed a spot in the Triple J Hottest 100, an achievement that left the duo feeling overwhelmed.

“We were just really stoked to have the song connect with a bunch of people all around the country. It’s a really great feeling that people are into what you do and it was amazing that the Flume remix took off and had a whole life of it’s own. It’s incredible!”

The boys won the most prestigious music award, The Australian Music Prize and it was definitely one of their highlights. “When we put out HyperParadise, we never expected to win the Australian Music Prize or anything like that so it’s definitely one of the highlights of our careers so far, for sure. The Australian Music Prize is a really good thing because the judges are open to every kind of music; they judge it off an album, not just one song or anything like that. The judges listen to a complete album and judge it from that so yeah, it’s a really great thing”.

Surrounded by music since he was a youngster, Angus’ father was a composer and an arranger which was the catalyst behind his love of music. “Music was always been in my life. There was always musos around the house, jamming and so I was just surrounded by it. I took up playing the drums when I was a kid and then around my mid teens, I started getting into hip-hop and electronic music. When I was about seventeen years old, I went halves with a friend and bought a sampler and started making loops. By the time I was eighteen, I had just left school and I was like, yeah, I want to do this as a living”.

Already having toured with acts like Dizzee Rascal, DJ Krush, Urthboy and The Tongue, Hermitude will also play alongside artists including Ball Park Music, RÜFÜS and The Preatures at Beyond The Valley, and the guys feel really lucky to have some of their dreams come true.

“I guess I had dreams when I was a kid and touring internationally and playing in front of big audiences and stuff like that, it’s really a cool thing to see that come true. It’s amazing!” Playing at Beyond The Valley will also be another amazing feeling for him. “Playing at a big festival is a great experience, seeing people dance and jumping up and down to your music. Coming off stage, I’m just really high from adrenalin, pure vibes and energy rom the crowd – so it’s an amazing feeling”.

Personally, being absolutely obsessed with their HyperParadise album, it was only a typical question for me to ask when we would be expecting an album full of cool new tunes, and if festivalgoers at Beyond The Valley will be the lucky first ones to preview them.

“We’ve been hard at work in the studio for the last year or so, so we’ve pretty much got a record together. We’re going to be dropping that early next year and we want to road test a couple of the new tunes, so I think we’re going to be doing that at Beyond The Valley”.

Hermitude 2014 Australian Tour Dates –

November 29 – CoLAB Festival, Perth
December 30 – January 1 – Beyond The Valley Festival, Phillip Island
December 31 – Cargo Bar, Sydney

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