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If there’s something that the general population cannot seem to get enough of it’s electronic dance music. Whether you’re in a club, bar or festival, there will usually be some sort of electronic sound maintaining the upbeat vibe of the scene. With such a high demand for this type of music it’s little wonder then that the music industry produces such a large number of aspiring DJ’s every year. In the world of underground dance music, most of these artists sadly never receive that much attention. Unless they choose to do something truly different with their music in order to turn some heads. London’s Daniel Avery is one such DJ who has managed to capture the attention of EDM music lovers throughout Europe and Asia.

“I never expected things to this well quite so quickly to be honest,” confesses Avery on the phone to XXIV from his new unit in East London.  Indeed things have been going well for the young DJ. Avery released his debut album, Drone Logic, in 2013 and the feedback has been overwhelming. The Guardian described it as “dance floor friendly and perfect for home listening simultaneously”. The restrained and minimalistic elements found in Avery’s music have somehow managed to convert even non-EDM fans to attend his live DJ sets. “The reaction everywhere has been great all over Europe. I get told that the music suits not just the house dance scene but all dance scenes, so I guess that’s what drawing people towards it.”


Being able to cater to a variety of dance needs surely gives Avery an edge over other DJ’s who focus on just one particular style of music. Avery tells us how he came up with this idea. “London is just this massive melting pot with cultures from around the world. The music coming from the scene right now takes on a large array of influences which of course creates this ethereal sound.”

Creating dance music doesn’t come naturally to everyone. As was the case when Avery began just a few years ago. “I come from a small town where all the dance music that I had ever been exposed to was cheesy, overproduced and boring. It wasn’t until I met the guys who I’m now signed with that showed me this world of transforming music that’s coming out of London. It was a big revelation and got me inspired to try and start making my own stuff.”

What’s refreshing about Avery is the fact that he did not always aspire to become an electronic artist. Growing up with guitar music inspired Avery to add other elements into his EDM. “I didn’t actually grow up with dance music. My friends and I all listened to both acoustic and electronic guitar music. What I really liked though were the psychedelic guitar elements found in Pink Floyd and Hendrix so I really wanted to add similar effects into my work.”

With such a promising start to his young career it’s little wonder that Avery’s plans for the rest of 2014 are nothing short of crazy. With back-to-back performances scheduled around Europe for the next couple of months, Avery is going to have his hands full. “I’ll be performing around Germany and England for the next couple of months before I go to the U.S to do my second big tour around the country. After that I’ll be jetting over to Japan where my stuff is apparently quite popular.” However, Avery won’t be content until he’s checked off all continents. “Nothing set in stone yet, and I don’t know where I’ll be playing, but I’ll definitely be coming to Australia before the year is out.”

For most artists, the goal is to become popular to fill stadiums and sell thousands of tickets at a time. This level of fame doesn’t appeal to Avery, who instead opts to play in smaller venues when he can. “When I play it’s all about the crowd. There could be 100 people there or 1000. But I like to be lower and able to see the crowd so that I can see their reactions to the music I play. I wouldn’t be able to do that at really big venues. It’s all about trying to play the right sound for the right room and seeing the audience enables me to do that.”

Drone Logic is available now.

Check out Daniel’s Facebook page to stay up to date on tour information and new music releases.

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