How Does Superman Shave?

With its June release dates fast approaching, anticipation for Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel Superman reboot film is at fever pitch. Certainly a significant factor in the growing levels of excitement surrounding the film lies simply in the fact that Superman has a lot of fans – the Superman comic books and variations of films and TV shows have been well-loved throughout the years. However, a super-sized nod of acknowledgment must also be tipped towards a very clever marketing team at Warner Bros. who have been planting the seeds of expectancy and building up high the hopes of Superman fans for almost two years.

The first official reveal of Henry Cavill sporting the re-designed Supersuit was released a year ago and since then, moviegoers have been bestowed with several teaser trailers, full-length trailers and behind the scenes photos. The film has also partnered up with American fast food chain Hardee’s to advertise its ‘Super Bacon Thickburger’ because “sometimes, you need three times the bacon.”

Most recently, an ingenious piece of tie-in viral marketing comes from a partnership between Warner Bros. and razor blade company Gillette as a response to a response. A video response made by Conan O’Brien that is, after he watched the Man of Steel trailer and felt somewhat skeptical.

So, to help O’Brien understand how exactly Superman might be able to manage his facial follicle grooming routine, Gillette and Warner Bros. have gathered some experts in the field to develop theories explaining this conundrum. The experts include director and comic book aficionado, Kevin Smith, mechanical engineer Bill Nye, actress with a PhD in neuroscience Mayim Bialik and Mythbusters duo Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage.

Fans can view the expert theories, vote for their favourite and even propose their own explanation on the Gillette YouTube channel Gillette’s TV spot posing the pickle of a question can be viewed below.

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