Hilltop Hoods Tease New Album


The Hilltop Hoods have provided an earlier than expected teaser for their upcoming album, Walking Under The Stars.

After achieving their goal of 20,000 likes for a Facebook post, the group agreed to tease their next studio album via their SoundCloud profile. The track, The Art of the Handshake, has already garnered close to 50,000 listens. It seems the boys from Blackwood (represent!) are as popular as ever.

The hip hop group are due to debut the lead single from their seventh studio album (not including The Hard Road: Restrung), Won’t Let You Down, on Triple J tomorrow afternoon. Tune in to Lindsay ‘The Doctor’ McDougall if you’re keen for some fresh Hilltop Hoods beats. In the meantime, check out the teaser below.

They want me to tell them something pretty.

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