Gig Review: The Holidays @ Pirie & Co. Social Club


The Holidays are a studio-savvy band. Their sound is the result of a lot of dicking about (their words) and layering of instruments and effects resulting in soundscapes you can almost step into.

Studio-savvy bands don’t always translate well into a live environment, as there are only so many instruments four people can play at one time. This proved to be no problem for The Holidays.

Their set opened with the cinematic synths of the very broody Long Now, but it wasn’t long before the mood turned and the summer sheen was revealed with All Time High, much to the crowd’s delight.

The band sprinkled tracks from their first LP, Post Paradise, into the set and they were received well, but in what is definitely a credit to the efforts made on their most recent release, Real Feel, their newer songs elicited the strongest response from fans.

Even the eight-minute spacey jam, Morning Workout, kept the room’s attention.

As for the recreation of their sound on-stage, full credit should be given to their percussionist. If not for his assortment of exotic sounding instruments it really would only have been half a show.

The Cairos too deserve recognition for their tight and punchy performance. The rock edge that they’ve brushed on earlier releases like Listening Party seems to have almost evolved out of their repertoire, but it’s been replaced with the most fun (almost Beatles-esque in places) guitar pop. They gave a few previews of tracks from their upcoming debut album, and based solely on what I heard sounds like one to listen out for.

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