Get Rich, Get Laid, Have Fun With The Rock

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has slowly turned himself into one of films biggest stars over the past few years. His role in the Fast & The Furious franchise helped elevate his leading man status, with big budget epic Hercules being followed by this years disaster flick San Andreas  and 2016 espionage comedy Central Intelligence. But it seems movies aren’t enough for The Great One, with Johnson gearing up for a foray into television with HBO’s Ballers.

The show revolves around Johnson’s retired NFL player Spencer Strasmore, who is beginning life after football as a player agent. Directed by Peter Berg and executive produced by Mark Wahlberg, its’ easy to see the Entourage comparisons as Strasmore navigates the shark infested waters of player agents and corporate owners while trying to get the best for his clients and himself.

As a HBO production, Ballers looks very slick, and while Johnson is the lead, there looks to be admirable support form the likes of Rob Corrdry, Omar Benson Miller, John David Washington and Donovan Carter.

With Johnson as the charismatic lead and HBO funding, Ballers looks set to be one of the surprises hits of 2015.

Ballers will screen June 21. 

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