Games You Should Not Play At This Time of the Year

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It is smack bang in the middle of exam time for the good majority of us here at XXIV; it is taking us all the willpower in the world to refrain from picking up that controller and turning on that PC. If you are anything like us and like to pwn noobs or slay some dragons in your “study breaks”, here are several games you should definitely not play if you want to maintain a somewhat acceptable GPA.

DOTA (or any other MOBA)
Do not play it. Just don’t. You can tell yourself you’ll only play one game and get back into study all you want –  but that one game becomes two, which becomes three and you know how the rest goes. All of a sudden the sun begins peaking through your curtains, burning your retinas, and only then is it too late to realise what you’ve done.

With something for everyone in this game, during your exams is not the right time to get your dragon slayer gear on and engage in heroic feats for the freedom of the land. Endless side quests, scenic vistas, acres of land to explore with no shortage of troves to loot, Skyrim will keep you glued to screen that you’ll forget how the wind felt blowing through your hair, and the sun warming your skin. There may even be a high possibility of Vitamin D deficiency. The very immersive Skyrim will tear you away from anything remotely academic, and you won’t be going back to those text books any time soon.


The temptation to beat your last high score is just too much to resist.

The Walking Dead/Dishonoured/Grand Theft Auto/Dragon Age: Origins
All these games are intensely replayable, and that is a sure trap during exam time. Your curiosity may get the better of you with these games. You will constantly be asking yourself those dangerous “what if?” questions. What if you had taken a different path? What if you hadn’t killed that guy? What if you had killed him? It is these questions that will keep you coming back to these games again and again, but don’t go back during exam time!

As always there are exceptions to every rule. So there is something that you can play during the exam period – anything from the Call of Duty franchise, because they are not real games.

Mastress of stealth, slayer of dragons. Oh yeah, I play and write about video games too.

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