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This year we were given many fantastic new games; both expanding on franchises such as Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, or stand alone titles like The Last of Us. We know how well said games performed, but what of the forgotten games? The ones that never quite made it, the ones that could have been but are not. These are the games that once had potential, although they never came into fruition for one reason or another. Unfortunately for us, we may have missed out on some amazing stories, game play, and expansions on our favourite stories. Here are a few of the fallen victims announced this year that we will miss.

Probably one of the more sadder cases of cancelled games is the formerly highly anticipated Star Wars: Battlefront III. This game was to be another installment in the series, and was even touted to be the most successful one. The project began in 2006 under developer Free Radical Design. All looked promising but the road was a bumpy one. It was in 2008 when the game started to seem uncertain, as LucasArts was unable to come up with the funds needed to cover the necessary costs.  Unfortunately for young padawans, it was the demise of LucasArts and the subsequent takeover by Disney that saw the game canned this year. From now on, Electronic Arts hold the license to develop any future Star Wars games.

Here is what the game would have looked like if it were given a chance:

Star Wars: Battlefront III was not the only title in the series to have been cancelled with the acquisition of LucasArts by Disney, as Star Wars: Battlefront Online and Star Wars: Battlefront IV both met the same fate. Along with the Battlefront series, fans of Star Wars will also miss out on the coveted Star Wars 1313, which was to be an open world, bounty hunter adventure.

The ever popular Infinity Blade series that is available on your iPhone, iPad and other apple mobile devices did not make it through this year unscathed. When developer Epic Games created a new studio – Impossible Games – to produce Infinity Blade: Dungeons, things were looking to be exciting for the future of the series. Unfortunately, this new venture did not work out and ultimately resulted in the closure of Impossible Games. What of Infinity Blade: Dungeons? Well, it was cancelled. The game was to be a prequel to the original Infinity Blade series, though the set up would have been as a dungeon crawler, as opposed to the RPG questing style of the original. Fear not though, if the thought of a pocket sized RPG excites you, Infinity Blade III was released this past September, and the developer has plans to continue expanding the series and the Infinity Blade universe through more books and more games. The legacy lives on!

Unfortunately for Nintendo, Young Justice: Legacy had to be cancelled for both the Wii and the Wii U, two consoles that don’t have very many games or appeal for that matter. Based on the TV series Young Justice, the game is still available on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows and the Nintendo 3DS (at least that’s something). If you own any of the consoles mentioned, you can play your favourite Justice League characters during their teenage years as they establish themselves as forces to be reckoned with. If you do own a Wii or Wii U, unfortunately due to lack of retailer support and quality issues the game was shelved for good.

The cancellation of Fez II rocked the independent gaming scene, and came as a shock after the success of the first Fez. The platform puzzle game was released across all consoles that weren’t made by Nintendo and received high praise and critical acclaim. In 2012, Fez grabbed the title of Game of the Year by Eurogamer. So where did it all go wrong for this pioneering piece of indie gaming?  It simply came down to the fact that developer Phil Fish just hated the world of gaming, and wanted to leave it as he showed in an announcement via his twitter and a blog post on the publishers website. It is a shame that a title with the power to seriously take indie gaming to another level fell to the industry that was supposed to support and nourish it.

These are the games that upon cancellation tugged on our heartstrings here at XXIV. Left with only the “what if” questions, we ponder what these games could have achieved, what they would have been like to experience, play and enjoy.

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