Frank Iero Releases Solo Material Featuring Twin Daughters

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It’s a hard pill to swallow when you come to that terrifying realization that it has been ten years since Frank Iero made teenage fans cringe during the ‘You’ve got something in your eye’ scene for My Chemical Romance’s 2004 music video I’m Not Okay (I Promise). Since then, the band managed to single handedly take over the world during the mid-2000’s emo phenomenon and then left it after disbanding in March last year.

Members have since kept themselves busy with side projects of their own, notably with vocalist Gerard Way’s second comic mini-series The True Lives of the Fabulous KilljoysWhile the former guitarist has kept a relatively low profile since the band’s break-up, Frank has recently released solo material titled, 2.5mg Just Aint Enough For Me, as part of Fadeaway Records comeback vinyl collective. Following the release of the track, Iero has landed himself as part of AP Magazines Most Anticipated Music of 2014 and recently announcing via his website a further collaboration with his twin daughters, Lily and Cherry.

I am incredibly happy to announce that my newest musical endeavour will be a collaboration between myself and two of my favorite artists of all time…. my 3 year old twin daughters, Lily and Cherry Iero. Our single, B.F.F., will be released worldwide by B.CALM press available through all online digital music retailers on February 25, 2014.

All proceeds from the sales of this recording will go directly into Lily, Cherry, and Miles Iero’s respective college funds (so no piracy please…you will literally be stealing from a baby). B.F.F. was written by Lily and it, and features vocals by myself, Lily, and Cherry. I recorded and performed all of the instruments on the track at B.CALM Underground studios, it was then mixed by Ed Rose and mastered by Alan Douches at west west side music.
I look forward to sharing more details on this single as the release date approaches but for now….That is all.
Thank you to everyone for stopping by,
xofrnk,lly,&chrry (2014)

While further details of the collaboration between Iero and his children have yet to surface, Frank recently played some new solo material at the Fadeaway Records showcase in New Jersey on January 11th, where the gritty grunge track showed tell-tale signs the material he played live will feature on the release.

Be sure to keep an eye out for further material from Frank via his website and often hilarious Twitter page here.

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