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Ricki’s got the voice and The Flash brings the rock and roll, together they are Ricki And The Flash, they’re here to get those toes tapping and the good times a rollin’.

Ricki left her family to chase her dreams of rock and roll stardom, but after her daughter gets some bad news Ricki must return home and try to be a mother again. Sounds like a sob story, but really it is a film filled with humour, emotional highs and lows and some great music.


From the Academy Award winning screenwriter and creator of Juno, Diablo Cody comes this hard-rocking tale of life, family and what it takes to follow your dreams. In the director’s chair is Jonathan Demme, with the likes of Silence of the LambsPhiladelphia and The Manchurian Candidate in his repertoire, Ricki And The Flash was bound to be interesting.

Her Hollywood Highness Meryl Streep is Ricki. A middle-aged wannabe rocker with big dreams and a world left behind. She isn’t the typical mother type with her braided hair, hella smoky eyes and knee-high leather boots. Streep is fantastic; she so effortlessly morphs in to any role and smashes it and this is no exception. She sings, she cries, she laughs and she can still get those leather boots up over her head. Our hands are sore from applauding her every time, but we just can’t help it.


Mr. Jessie’s Girl himself, Rick Springfield is the muso love interest in this rock and roll tale. Lead guitarist and member of The Flash, Spingfield has that old school bad boy rocker thing going on until you realise it’s masquerading a cool rocker guy with a heart of gold. Springfield is a little unsteady in the beginning but finds his footing soon there after.

Other notable performances include Kevin Kline as the ex-husband, Mamie Gummer as the troubled daughter Julie, Bucky Barnes aka Sebastian Stan as Josh the to-be-married son and Pitch Perfect’s own Ben Platt as the Flash-groupie/bartender Daniel. All over, this cast is great. There weren’t any downers in the bunch; the only unfortunate thing is that we didn’t get to see more of some of them.


Unfortunately, for all this film has to offer, it was a little misguided. The premise is intriguing as are the characters, not to mention the casting, however, the story wraps up in an all-assuming blur leaving you to fill in the gaps. It winds up so fast and with very little explanation. The ending is fine, it has merit in it’s cheesy goodness, but there seems to be a link missing between who we know Ricki to be in the beginning, who her family thinks she is and who she becomes.

Ricki And The Flash is a fun yet emotional toe-tapping ride with a great cast and an interesting look in to the options and consequences life presents.

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