Fatal Frame V gets Localised


In a shocking move by Nintendo, the latest Fatal Frame title for the Wii U will be localised for a North American release. Then, around a year later, the game will probably trickle down here.

The Fatal Frame series is a well-regarded Japanese survival horror title based around a camera which can see spirits of the deceased and destroy them by taking their picture, a mechanic solely designed around forcing you to get as painfully close to the ghosts as possible. The series has a small but loyal fan-base in the West and while the games are critically well-received over here, the previous two entries (Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse and the remake of Fatal Frame II) were both denied localised releases.

Fatal Frame V will be the first time a Western audience will have an English-release since Fatal Frame III: The Tormented in 2005).

Sources: Nintendo Direct

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