The Jungle Giants

I went into the jungle with some giants on Saturday night and boy was it a good boogie.

Adelaide’s newly opened Fat Controller  presented The Jungle Giants & Elizabeth Rose and it was such a rad night.

Crowd surfing, mad dancing and mosh pits galore.

It was one of those times where it didn’t matter whether you were a die hard fan or asked who the Jungle Midgets were, everyone was compelled to shake a leg.

I definitely whipped out some kooky moves. My friends thought I was a psycho, but it made them like me more though I reckon.

Sam Hales and the crew were absolutely rocking out, sweat flying and putting absolutely one hundred percent into the gig.

The mosh was hectic as, and people were jumping on stage left right and centre.

Cesira Aitken on lead guitar was completely and utterly in her element, head and feet tapping in synchronisation and just going for it.

I had a little chat to Sam after the gig and he said he loves how Adelaide crowds are not afraid to get down.

“Adelaide crowds are awesome and everyone gets loose and drunk and it’s quite nice. And i’m from Adelaide! I was born in Gawler and when I was a baby I walked to Brisbane.”

What a very talented man to not only front a very successful band but also be apparently able to travel to Queensland by foot as a baby.

And there’s great news for the fans who love dance music, as their new album in the making is going to have a hint of boogie to it.

“Yes we are recording, wait no uh writing our new album right now… dunno yet when it’s coming out but it’s going to be a little bit more dancey,” he said.

Not going to lie, I had a few drinks and got a bit stuck for questions after a while, but luckily old mate helped me out with inspiration.

“You should ask me my favourite recipe! Umm, I dunno! I dunno! Roast lamb and cauliflower cheese? It’s simple and delicious.”

If you ever ask Sam on a date, there’s the inside scoop on what to cook him for dinner. Thank me later.

“Write this in your article. What do you do if you see a spaceman? You park in it, man! Write that up.”

Musically gifted and a laugh and a half, what more could you ask for really.

If you missed them Saturday night then no fear, they will be heading to some music festivals coming up over summer.

‘We will be at Lost Paradise, Beyond the Valley in Melbourne and a couple more I can’t remember.”

He’s missed out on Party in the Park in March, but he’s a legend so we will forgive him for that.

If you haven’t listened to their most recent album Speakerzoid you should definitely give it a crack on the asap.

Photo Credit: Fat Controller

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