Experience ‘The Stanley Parable’ in October


Originally released as a mod of Half Life 2 back in 2011, The Stanley Parable turned heads with it’s unique, fascinating premise. Now, the mod is getting a stand-alone remake which will appear on PC and Mac this October.

More a psychological exercise than actual game, The Stanley Parable pits the player against a toying narrator. Stanley, a white-collar office peon is tasked with solving the mystery of where his co-workers have disappeared to.

Much of The Stanley Parable‘s fun is in it’s mystery, so without spoiling much, the premise is fairly simple. If you ever played Bastion (if you haven’t, then you should) you’d have enjoyed the reactive narrator. A godlike voice in your head which narrates your actions depending on what exactly you decide to do within the game. It’s a simple but pretty freakin’ awesome mechanic which The Stanley Parable also features, though it’s implementation is slightly different.

The narrator will advise you on what action to take, though the option to disobey the given advice is always present.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s an essential ‘gaming’ experience. So you should be as excited as I am for this re-release.

Will you do what you’re told?

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