Ta-Ku - Songs To Make Up To

His last EP was named Songs To Break Up To so it seems fitting that Ta-ku has named his latest 7-track wonder Songs To Make Up To.

The Perth Future Classic signed artist who you may be familiar with from the 2012 track Higher remixed by Flume and whose real name is Regan Matthews, dropped this stunning piece on Friday June 12th.

Songs To Make Up To is more than just a convenient title. The EP seems to be a follow up to the story of love and pain that Ta-ku expressed in his last EP and is again packed full of emotions and soulful energy.

This beautiful and at times vulnerable EP is truly captivating. In what feels like a plea for love and making it work, the lyrics and music combined take you some place else, drawing you into the airy energy and romance of Ta-ku’s story, if not your own.

The EP is a perfect and beautiful mix of catchy ambient beats and soulful, slowed down melodies.

Trying to pick a favourite track from this EP is difficult as they are all so enticing.

Hopeful is the perfect opening track to the EP. It begins with a charmingly sweet and soft melody that can be likened to a child’s music box before jumping into the crux of the EP, with alluring, upbeat ambient sounds.

Love Again sees Ta-ku joining forces with the beautiful soul and RnB artists Sango and JMSN. It was also the first taste we received from this new EP before it dropped.

With a beautiful combination of soulful, ambient beats, layered with gospel vocals and a building orchestral mix of string and percussive elements there is really not much more you could ask for in this song.

This track is one of the most lyrically insightful and in depth pieces to the EP, as he passionately and pleadingly sings to his muse “you and me stand for something, and something is better than nothing… You know I’ll make it better if I can”. It is lyrics like this that make it hard not to experience similar emotions when listening to the EP.

Fall4You featuring Japanese artist Sunni Colon, is incredibly encapsulating, with its mix of sensual percussive sounds and sexy soulful beats. Using a reverb affect to make the sounds imprint themselves into your mind is just one of the little tricks that Ta-ku has that makes this song oh so memorable.

It is the vocals that really do it for me with this song, as they encompass the same sort of vocal energy and character that soulful artists like The Weeknd provide.

All of the tracks on the EP take an unexpected turn at some point, taking you by surprise as new elements and sounds are continuously introduced and layered upon.

Sunrise, featuring the beautiful Brisbane producer Jordon Rakei, is one of the more fun and upbeat songs of the EP as it incorporates a more explorative, electronic sound, using a mix of ambient, synthetic beats and natural sounds.

Final Thoughts

Songs To Make Up To is more than just another soulful, electronic EP – a style of music that is becoming increasingly popular here in Australia.

This EP has a story to tell. It takes you on a journey from start to finish, exploring themes of reconnection, lost love and of course found. Not to mention catchy beats. It is truly a record for everyone that can be listened to in any situation.

If you are a fan of soulful artists like The Weeknd, Flying Lotus, Frank Ocean, Harts, Oscar Key Sung or electronic beat makers like Flume, LDRU, Charles Murdoch or just about any other Future Classic signed artist, then you definitely will not be disappointed in this EP.

You can find Ta-ku’s EP on his Bandcamp page. Also, check out some of his remixes on his SoundCloud, they are equally satisfying.

I’ll leave you with this message from Ta-Ku, the musician expressed his love for his fans and his desire to share his music freely with anyone who’ll listen. Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 1.09.32 pm


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