DZ Deathrays Drop New Single and Announce Album Release Date


Arguably one of the best artists to emerge from Brisbane’s music scene in recent history, thrash music duo DZ Deathrays announced the official release date of their forthcoming sophomore LP, Black Rat. Scheduled for release May 2nd, the Brisbane boys will be playing around the UK and US before the album drops.

After receiving critical acclaim for their debut album, Bloodstreams, back in 2011, the group began touring relentlessly. Since then they have played alongside a number of musical heavyweights including The Killers and The Foo Fighters, and have seen their fair share of action performing at music festivals such as Groovin The Moo and Big Day Out.

DZ gave fans their first taste of the upcoming album last November when they released the first single, Northern Lights. The song, which features minimalistic guitar rhythms and soaring vocals, continually builds and progresses into an uplifting tune. Have a listen to it below.

DZ have just released the second single from their new album, Gina Works At Hearts. Contrary to Northern Lights, this track features a significantly increased tempo and some heavy drum beats that give the song a distinct thrash/rock sound. It looks like the new album should feature a decent level of diversity between tunes and is definitely something to look forward to later in the year.

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