Double The Tom Hardy In ‘Legend’

What’s better than Tom Hardy playing a gangster? How about Tom Hardy playing gangster twins! That’s right, the new Mad Max is taking on the roles of real life criminal brothers Ronald “Ronnie” Kray and Reginald “Reggie” Kray in Brian Helgeland’s (L.A. Confidential writer) Legend.

This is not the first time the Kray’s story has been brought to the screen, that being Peter Medak’s 1990 film The Krays, but this is the first time the same actor will play both roles. The first film version starring Spandau Ballet’s real life twins Martin and Gary Kemp.

The film chronicles the brothers rise through the criminal ranks during London’s swinging sixties, with the Kray’s acknowledged violent tendencies (particular Ronnie, who was eventually certified insane) and celebrity lifestyle detailed in this teaser trailer. The use of Roy Orbison’s Running Scared is a nice touch too, keeping the stylish 60′s theme throughout the trailer.

Hardy looks set to dominate the screen although the supporting cast is not to be scoffed at, with Emily BrowningTaron Egerton, Christopher Eccleston, Paul Anderson, David Thewlis, Chazz Palmenteri and Colin Morgan making an appearance.

Legend is set for a September release.


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  • Reply May 5, 2015


    I love this stylish trailer, makes me want to watch more of this. And Tom Hardy…TWO Tom Hardy’s…..that’s really awesome!

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