Disney to give the live action treatment to Beauty and the Beast


While Maleficent might not be doing too crash hot with the critics the same can’t be said for it’s audience at large with the film grossing over $170 Million at the bx office already.  So it will come as little surprise that Disney have now signed off on the live action remake of another animated classic. This time it’s 1991′s Beauty and the Beast.

However it would appear that the powers that be have been listening to their critics all the same; this time round we’re not going to be treated to the story from the point of view of a villain (though I’d be all for seeing them try to make Gaston the hero). Instead HitFix has reported that this film will be a “straight-forward, live-action, large-budget movie musical”  and that it will also include many, if not all of the much loved music from the animated Disney film (and play) written by Alan Menken, Tim Rice and Howard Ashman.

Before we get too excited it should be noted that at this point the screenplay is being written by Evan Spiliotopoulos whose most notable works to date include a whole bunch of straight to video Disney sequels and the as yet unreleased Hercules film starring Dwayne Johnson; a fact that may cause many a Disney fan to keep their hopes from getting too out of hand just yet. To offset this unknown quantity though Bill Condon has been attached to direct and considering his previous works include Dreamgirls and both parts of Twilight: Breaking Dawn we know he can do musical, and we know he can do big-budget.

That’s all we do know at this stage though, and chances are that the internet will explode with rage once casting rumours for Belle start kicking around, so let’s get things started. My vote, hands down, is for Emmy Rossum:

Plus she can sing!

Fight me.

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