Designer Thieves


In the last week, a number of robberies has occurred with thieves making off with over a million dollars of designers goods. The high-class victims  in question have been none other than Hermes, Valentino and Louis Vuitton.

The first in the string of robberies occurred when a number of thieves stole a shipping container of gorgeous-smelling Hermes fragrances at France’s largest shipping port, making of with a whopping estimated $646,000 worth of goods.

The second happened around midnight at a Valentino store in London where a gang of five people forced open the door with a moped and made of with a number of luxury handbags. The British press are reporting the loss at approximately $36,000.


The final raid came again in France, when a truck holding a container of about $727,000 of Louis Vuitton leather goods was held up at gunpoint while the driver and and passenger were held hostage in the boot of a BMW.

These three targeted thefts have come after a spree of robberies on luxury stores in London and Paris, making us think some people must be really desperate for a monogrammed LV bag or ten.

While we all love owning our own little pieces of luxury, be they a quilted Chanel purse or shiny black pair of Louboutin pumps, wanting them enough to rob stores for them is probably a little over the top.

Calm down you fashionista robbers, orange jumpsuits never looked good on anyone (unless it’s Hermes of course).

Images sourced from: Stupid Dope

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