Our homeboy Alexander Wang aka the absolute king of sports-luxe and downtown leisurewear has released his DENIM X AW campaign and there’s really only one way to describe it… fucking hot.

Shot by legendary photographer Steven Klein, the campaign features Anna Ewers – of 2015 Pirelli Calendar fame – in all sorts of risqué poses. From the transparent wet tee in the bathtub to bearing all save the subtle placement of the slogan – #freethenipple, anyone? –  it’s safe to say that this one is a little NSFW. But in an artsy way, ya know?

While the denim is very prominent in all the shots, it’s easy to see why the campaign has caused all sorts of controversies since its release and trust Mr Wang to be the catalyst of such a provocative discussion.

I, for one, am all for it. It’s a hot campaign, Ewers looks incredible and it just proves that all you need in your wardrobe is a great pair of jeans and a good white tee. Oh and the oily crotch shot will also help sales, no doubt.

Photo 10-12-2014 11 18 00 pm

Photo 10-12-2014 11 18 04 pm

Photo 10-12-2014 11 18 15 pm

Photo 10-12-2014 11 18 21 pm

Photo 10-12-2014 11 18 27 pm

Photo 10-12-2014 11 18 33 pm

(Photos via Instagram)

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