Dan Harmon returning to Community


The community spirit appears to have suffered somewhat behind the scenes of NBC comedy Community over the past year. Nasty verbal altercations between the series creator and showrunner, Dan Harmon, and one of its star cast members, Chevy Chase, led to Chase storming off from the Season 3 wrap party prematurely, later leaving Harmon a seething voicemail message (strong language warning on that one).

Harmon was then given the dreaded silent treatment by Sony Pictures Television before finally being contacted to be made aware that his position as the showrunner for Community was being replaced for season 4, an experience which he humorously recounts on his blog.

Dwindling ratings during the shortened fourth season demonstrated the importance of Harmon’s involvement and so, surprise, surprise, Harmon has been asked to return to the captain’s seat for season 5, as he confirmed via Twitter over the weekend.

Having unceremoniously left the show mid-shooting season 4, we’re predicting that Chase won’t be returning along with Harmon which may allow for a more relaxed camaraderie between the Community cast and crew and could potentially result in the show’s best season yet! Fans will just have to stay tuned to find out.

via Slate.

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