Chloë Sevigny Makes A Zine About Her Exes

Just when we thought Queen of cool, Chloë Sevigny couldn’t feed us her quirky goodness any further, the darling of the fashion industry has made a zine. Titled ‘No Time for Love’, it is due to be released for our pleasure on June 17.

What is a zine you may ask? Well, a zine is more often than not a publication that has been deemed “too niche” for the general masses of consumers to appreciate and is therefore not published within that mass media market. So Sevigny.

No Time For Love features newspaper clippings about herself and more importantly,  a collection of pictures that centre around photos of her with varying male counterparts whose faces she has covered with stickers. It gets better. Those men? Mainly her ex’s and other men she’s loved throughout her life. Oh, and the stickers also serve the purpose of maintaining their privacy.

The important thing to take away from this, aside from the opportunity we now have to add to a developing collection of Chloe memorabilia, is the attention it draws to this ever-trending notion of girl power or to put it more eloquently: the recent surge of modern feminism.  There’s no denying that the fashion industry has drawn inspiration from leading ladies across the board, whether it be actresses like Marion Cotillard and Jennifer Lawrence for Dior, or literary greats like Joan Didion for Céline. The industry has irrefutably noticed the change in their market and addressed it in the best possible way. Real women, real achievements and therefore, real inspiration.

With this feminist-esque theme surrounding her imminent zine, Sevigny has taken her own spin on showing her fans how she is only human too, and of course, that there is a super-trendy way to reflect on the trials of life and love.


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