Billy Ray Cyrus adds rap and twerking to Achy Breaky Heart

After reportedly cutting all ties with daughter
Miley due to her ‘wild’ antics, good ol’ Billy Ray Cyrus has released a revamped version of his most famous song, Achey Breaky Heart, complete with semi-clad dancers, guest verses from rapper Buck 22 and some really questionable fashion choices on his behalf.

Considering Hollywood’s penchant for classic stars attempting to make bizarre comebacks, we imagine that Achey Breaky 2, an intergalactic version of country’s favourite love song will actually do pretty well in the charts – if only because fans’ll think it’s weird enough to buy.

So what can you expect from this latest video release? Glow-in-the-dark string bikinis, a cameo from Larry King, and yes, diehards don’t worry, Daddy Cyrus is sticking to his roots with some wholesome line dancing from hip-hop star Buck 22 and the curvy backup dancers.

It’s certainly an interesting one and it’ll be fascinating to see how fans of the entire Cyrus family react.

Let’s give it a week before certain feminist publications start debating the hypocrisy of Miley’s twerking backlash versus the girls her father has chosen to appear in his latest grab for stardom/money.

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