I can’t stress enough how great Rocket Bar is. Being open Wednesday night for Punk Ass Kids, Friday night for Cats and Saturday and Sunday, why the heck not throw a party on a Thursday night, right?! So that’s exactly what the dudes from Badhaus did! With entry only being 5 smackers and $5 drink specials all night long, your Friday mornings are starting to look hazier by the second.

Badhaus is a brand new independent indie label dedicated to bringing together and promoting groups of local Adelaide bands. Once a month on a Thursday night, John-Paul from Electric Exiles and Fionn from The Cassandras will collide together to throw a house party type feel night for ya’ll, and last Thursday night kicked off with a bang!

The Luke Louie Trio were first to perform and having never witnessed these guys before, I was seriously surprised (in a flippin’ good way). Smashing out a handful of blues-rock tunes, I wish there were more people to witness them ‘cause they’re pretty fricken sweet! The lads from Cosmo Thundercat were next on the bill and having seen this folk/pop band play many, many times before, they never fail to put on an excellent show. Front man, Anthony is bound to leave you humming his lyrics, and yep, he surely did.

By 11pm, Badhaus was starting to get busier and I, along with many others, were starting to make regular trips to the bar. By the time Electric Exiles hit the stage, Rocket Bar has turned into more of a mates house party than a night club and that’s what I enjoyed most about it. Despite the cold weather, the rooftop was still filled with peeps (as always) and the DJ’s downstairs were playing a variety of your favourite tunes.

As I headed downstairs for the final and headlining act to perform, boy, did the guys from Electric Exiles have a decent sized crowd. With majority of Rocket’s dance floor filled, the crowd’s response was pumping and the energy on stage just did not stop! Heavily influenced by garage rock sounds of the 60s, 70s and 90s, EE provided the crowd with a range of groovy original tunes, combined with a mixture of covers that left you hanging for more!

The delicious mix of live music had finished by midnight and everyone headed back onto the rooftop. It was such a great way to end the night and hang out with your mates, and also to forget the fact that I still had to get up for work in the morning. The last round of drinks was called at 2am so that was an indicator to call it at night and chuck down a cheesy toastie before hitting the hay.

Get your dancing shoes on from now and get ready for next months show (you know you want too!)

Check out Badhaus to stay tuned! It’s bound to be another groovy evening!

Luke Louis Trio
Cosmo Thundercat

Electric Exiles

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