AW14: Keep Dry in Style


In March, Miu Miu sent their models down the runway in shiny raincoats, solidifying the often-overlooked outerwear as the cool thing to own this winter. With the rainy season fast approaching, it’s time to invest into this extremely practical and convenient trend. Save yourself the nightmare of walking around in soaking clothes all day after being caught in the rain and check out these raincoats below.


The Miu Miu coats might have sold out but this gorge Shashakanevski coat is up for sale if you’re looking for something a little luxurious but still cute. This coat uses waterproofing tapes that are bonded to the stitches, to ensure that you stay completely dry while you’re tucked up inside of it.


For something a little more affordable – but not for the faint of heart, The Ragged Priest have this amazing blue holographic raincoat available for purchase. With an oversized fit and metallic fabric, you’ll be able to stay dry while standing out amongst the dreary grey backdrops of winter.


This camouflage coat from Noisy May has been designed with the ever-popular cape in mind but is slightly more practical. With the flared sleeves, a hood and the flowing cape-fit, it’s combined all the trends this winter – leaving you feeling both super comfy and super stylish.


Last but not least and for good measure, chuck on a pair of Hunter gumboots. You’ll be extra dry with no risk of soggy sock pandemic. It’s everyone’s favourite gumboot brand so you know Hunter has you covered with multiple linings to keep your feet comfy, dry and toasty warm.

(Images sourced from: K is for KaniNot Just A Label, ASOS, The Iconic)

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