All Black Vs. All White Everything


I went to a party over the weekend that was themed ‘Sunday Whites’. Not only that, but it was a fashionable crowd. Safe to say, having an all white themed party is definitely now on my life to-do list. It’s crazy how effective it looks, and perfect for a huge gathering of people.

So I thought I was converted. I thought, yep, all white errythang is going to be one of my new go-to Winter looks. But then I saw the update from one of my favourite fashion blogs – Nineteen-Ninety – and I remembered, black on black on black is equally if not better than all white.


So now I’m officially torn. Colour blocking has come up as a fashion trend quite a bit in seasons past, and we’re no longer afraid to wear all one colour. Done right, it is amazing. Done wrong, it can look a little bland, and a little bit odd. I think wearing all black or white though is just starting to take full effect, and I officially can’t decide what I love more.

First, let’s go back to this all white thing. Gorgeous, right? Who can forget the Hamptons White Party way back in the beginnings of Gossip Girl days? Dat Marc Jacobs dress, amirite?


More recently, Solange Knowles had one of my favourite celebrity wedding photo shoots of all time. The white dress code was absolutely amazing, and in my opinion, didn’t take away from how great Solange’s bridal gown was. The woman wore a white cape to her wedding. Tell me this photo isn’t one of the best things in celebrity weddings ever.

Solange 2 - Rog Walker (PC)A.JPG

All white is much more daring than all black, but much more of a statement. It’s bright, clean, and fresh to death. However, with white textures are much more crucial, so it’s important you match them right. It’s the same rule with patterns, top should be different to bottom – meaning, thicker/more textured fabric on top should be paired with simple bottoms, and vice versa.


But then we have black on black on black. It’s one of my favourite looks of all time,  and something I’ll definitely be getting amongst in the cold months of this year. One of the best things about it is it’s so easy: wearing a casual black t-shirt with black jeans and black brogues is dynamite. Or when it’s colder, black shirt, black jumper, black jacket, black scarf, black pants and black boots. Badass.

Same goes for black as white, mix textures and fit. Black is also a classic slimmer, while you aren’t concentrating on having a summer body as much, black clothing makes everyone think you’re still hitting the gym 3-5 times a week (lol).


Pictures via Pintrest, CuteFash & Nineteen Ninety

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