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The latest found gem to come from the Internet comes from Los Angeles band The Internet.

The six piece who were once attached to the ex mega hip hop group Odd Future, are now making waves and stellar hits under their own moniker.

The group made up of Sydney Bennet aka Syd Tha Kyd, Matt Martians, Jameel Bruner, Patrick Paige, Christopher A. Smith and Steve Lacy, dropped their latest tasting late last month, and girl is it smooth.

Ego Death is a soulfully beautiful, yet captivating mix of eclectic and upbeat sounds.

Incorporating a mix of sexy, soulful RnB sounds, hip-hop, funk, romantic jazz and elements of Latin music, this album hits every nail on the head.

The overall effect of this epic album will make you ‘want to get down’ as requested in track nine Something’s Missing.

The album starts off by kicking straight into the sexy, enthralling energy that makes up most of the album.

With large electronic bass and hip hop beats, wrapped around sexy female vocals from Syd that can be likened to the same mysteriously, enthralling sounds of vocalists like Tinashe and FKA Twigs, it is hard to not to be drawn into the rising climatic effect of the song.

Gabby follows on from this song with brevity, taking the same heavy beat but turning it into something much more funky.

With the strike of funky guitar chords and funky undertones of bass, along with the vocals of the gorgeous Janelle Monae, this song is yet another stand out.

Like the rule of threes suggest, all good things must come in three, because the third song into the record is also a winner.

With empowering lyrics and a hot salsa like beat, the sound of Spanish guitar strums and quick 80s piano synth beats, Under Control will keep you in line and perhaps even encourage you to do a little Latin dancing yourself.

This record really scores high points, not only for its creativity in musical elements and style, but also for it’s impressive feature artists.

Go With It, features the exciting and increasingly popular producer Vic Mensa and continues on with the same funky, soulful and sultry sounds of the previous songs, but with much more of a salsa- like twist. With sexy female lyrics asking you to “shake, shake, don’t stop, shake shake” followed by the sound of hip moving maracas and shakers rattling beneath, this song requires a little bit of hip shaking.

Girl featuring Kaytranada is by far the stand out on this track for me and is one of the songs that first brought my attention to this record, with its growing plays on Australian radio.

This song quite easily sums up the remainder of the record. It is jam packed with layers of heavy sounds, strong bass drops and beats, sexy female vocals, and all sorts of different electronic twists.

It is at the five minute thirty point of the seven-minute song, that you think the track has ended before it smoothly takes a turn and introduces new sounds and elements. It is this constant addition of new elements and layers that make this album so appetizing.

If you listen carefully, behind all the catchy beats, you will notice how on point the lyrics are too. Girl is more than a love song to another girl, but also a reinforcement of self-love and respect for oneself and others. Syd, the female vocalist sings to a ‘girl’, telling her “they don’t know what you’re worth… and anything you want is yours”.

This message could be said for the whole album, as songs like Just Sayin/ I Tried, reiterate a sense of self acceptance while acknowledging inevitable change and past relationships.

Other songs like For The World and Special Affair behold the same sexy and enthralling mix of electronic, soul and hip hop that make this album so catchy.

You would think that by toward the end of the album you might get tired or that the sound may dwindle into a less impressive effect. This is not the case, The Internet find a way to keep all of the elements they introduce new and interesting, taking advantage of not only different styles of music but also the possibilities that these styles, instruments and production allow.

Another perfect example of this can be found in Something’s Missing, as the song transitions from funk fuelled, electronic soul, suddenly into a tribal like drum beat, before transforming into a more concentrated heavy hip hop beat.

The album ends strong as the last song Palace/ Curse takes you back to a sound of 90s, early 2000s hip hop and rap. Featuring the enigmatic Tyler, The Creator and his unmistakable and exciting voice, as well as harmonies of gospel vocals and the familiar sensual female voice that features throughout Ego Death, this song is the perfect collaboration of a variety of vocals and sounds.

The album and song ends with a beautifully soft, electronic, soulful, yet funky beat that reminds me of Prince and his music, before ending on a final message in the form of a voice recording from Tyler, and his lighthearted giggle, leaving you feeling a somewhat cathartic release, as the album properly concludes itself.

Final Thoughts

The Internet has created a wonderfully unique album. While it features so many familiar sounds and styles that we love and enjoy, it uses them in a way that is original by mixing them together in ways you would not expect.

It is apparent how much energy and work has gone into this record. The production throughout is polished and precise, yet at times it feels like there is so much going on through the many layers and elements that they introduce. It is this sharp but momentous union of sounds that make this album so strong and so enjoyable.

It is 56 minutes of pure amusement, joy and excitement. If you can listen to the whole album straight, you will not be disappointed, and if not the whole record you will at least be overjoyed by the exciting features that present themselves throughout.

Here’s a little treat for you.

The Ego Death process.

The Breakdown

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