Advantage: Fluoro

Madison Keys

The 2015 Australian Open is well under way and we’re near semi-finals territory already. It’s my favorite sporting event of the year, and I would say definitely the most fashionable. Tennis has always had it’s own particular look to it – crisp cuts and individual styles but now a new color scheme has taken over the first Grand Slam of the year.

It’s been hard not to notice the fluoro get ups being served by many of the players so far; some bright, some super-nova. Bright green, orange, pink and yellow outfits have taken over the equally bright blue courts of Melbourne Park. Maybe they’re all trying to be the same colour as the ball? Who knows. All I know is it looks super, super cool.

Unlike the strict all-white dress code of Wimbledon, players are encouraged to express their individual personalities in their dress, with ‘clean and customarily acceptable tennis attire’ being the only guideline. That, and they can’t have more than 2 logos on them (we’re looking at you Nike). In fact, it’s hard not to notice most of the fluorescent-ness has been brought to you by Nike.

Fluorescents had quite a comeback a couple of years ago but has since moved itself to the back of the wardrobe along with overalls, shrugs and disco pants. From their headbands all the way down to their shoelaces, check out some of the looks from the courts.


Madison Keys


Serena Williams


Venus Williams


(Pictures via Getty Images and Ben Solomon/Tennis Australia)

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