#2014AFF: Finesse Lingerie Show

The Finesse Lingerie Show is easily the most fun-filled event of the entire Adelaide Fashion Festival. An invite-only audience is invited to hang out in the Finesse Lingerie Studios on Angas St, while a Victoria’s Secret-esque show entertains them. What’s not to love?

As guests walked in, it became apparent the theme of this year was definitely a play on the dreamy Victoria’s Secret Angels. The foyer was deckedwith dim blue lighting, glitter and wafting smoke topped with clouds drifting above. Various ‘angels’ were seated on clouds and seats, playing harps and lazily running their fingers through their hair.

On offer to eat was a display of delights from the Garden of Eden, including fresh fruit, grapes, cheese and accompaniments. Champagne and Firestarter Vodka was also on offer, whose eccentric fire-extinguisher bottles were a hit with the crowd.

The runway was adequately covered in glitter and frosty clouds, enough so that you felt like you were sitting on either side of heaven. As the show started, it’s clear the models were allowed to show a lot more personality in this show, as they strutted around with their unique attitudes and gorgeous smiles. The models were adorned with intimate garments from shops at Westfield Marion, including Bonds, Myer and Honey Birdette.

The Finesse Lingerie Show was unique in the sense that there weren’t just female models like in most lingerie shows, but also male models. This was a pleasant surprise for many of the females in the audience, and it’s safe to say there haven’t been that many glistening abs in one room since Ricky Martin was in Adelaide.

The lingerie ranged from cute, fluorescent Bonds crops and hipsters, to sexy corsets swathed in lace and sheer fabrics. The finale of the show included the models adorned with giant, glittery, feathery wings that rose high above their heads and draped behind them as they walked.

After the show, guests and models mingled and continued to enjoy the food and drink on offer. It was an amazing night, however it would be good if the models were slightly less toned. And tall. And slender. And beautiful. It’s bad for the self esteem.

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